American Miniature LaMancha
Registration: TMGR
Generation: F3
Percentage: 51% LM, 49% ND
Registered name: Flaming Arrow Farms Adir
Date of Birth: 03/19/2019
Horns: Disbudded
Ears: Elf

Our doe, Adir (ha, get it) is a sweetie. She's a little shy at first, but warms up the minute she realizes you have treats. She was a little small her first year, so we left her as a dry yearling.

She's been exposed to Patches for F3 kids in the spring. She's for sale, exposed - but also we're happy to keep her here, see how she matures, and sell her kids, as well.

The only challenge with Addy is that she, and her progeny, are only able to be registered TMGR - so she would have to go to a home who uses that registry, or isn't worried about registration. Upon submission to MDGA, we learned she has some Alpine in her great-great-grand past. Her registration is allowed under TMGR but not MDGA. Therefore, she and her kids will only be TMGR.

Ultimately, we want our herd to be able to go between both registries so we've decided to sell her and her kids. We're in no specific hurry, though. We'll wait for the right home for her.