Local, farm fresh, quail eggs


Extra special quail eggs. They’re delicious!

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What makes our eggs so special? They’re hormone-free, non-GMO, little nuggets of sunshine in a shell. Our quail are given daily access to fresh, organic wheatgrass which adds a sweet finish to the rich and buttery quail egg flavor. We select only the biggest and most beautiful eggs from our quail to create a special experience in every carton.

You can do anything with a quail egg you do normally with a chicken egg – hard boil, pickle, devil, scramble – they equal about 3 quail eggs per chicken egg in volume.

Impress your brunch pals with a special treat with these beautiful eggs. Treat yourself to something fun and different while supporting local, sustainable, micro-agriculture.

A dozen eggs are $6 and available for pickup around 144th and Washington(ish) north of Denver. Also available downtown for delivery upon coordination. Payment through PayPal, Venmo or cash available. Because the Colorado Cottage Foods only allows us to sell these eggs in Colorado, these are not available to ship outside the state. Pick up preferred.

Disclaimer – Safe Handling Instructions: To prevent illness from bacteria, keep eggs refrigerated, cook eggs until yolks are firm, and cook any foods containing eggs thoroughly. Not from a government-approved source.

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