Gilded Gate Farm

We aspire to create a superior, regenrative, micro-farm where our plants feed our animals and vice-versa. With a relatively small-acreage property we give our animals room to roam and give them the best life we can. Our animals nourish both us and the land and we are so grateful to have them in our lives.

Meet the Team - Eggs

Eggs don't just appear - they take hard work. Meet the magic-makers on the egg team. If you've ever had farm fresh eggs from pasture raised birds, you're know how special they are.



We keep a variety of chickens in our pasture. They spend days wandering the property and snacking on various greens and bugs. They supply us with a rainbow of uniquely delicious eggs.



Our ducks are the entertainment of the barnyard but also lay large eggs. Ducks eggs are prized by bakers and chefs because of their ability to retain air better than other eggs so they make recipes nice and fluffy.


Guinea Fowl

Guineas are not only the "guard dogs" and alarm system of our fowl, they also lay eggs during the spring as summer. Although they are smaller than chicken eggs they are richer and creamier as Guineas are superior hunters.

Meet the Team - Dairy

Making milk, yogurt, and cheese takes dedication and hard work. Meet the team that makes it happen!


Miniature LaMachas

An ideal homestead goat, Mini LaManchas are the perfect mix of the traits of the full sized Lamancha dairy breed with the Nigerian Dwarf. 

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