Senior Does

SG South-Fork AV Tabitha 5*M

Purebred LaMancha
Registration: ADGA
DOB: 03/26/2017
Horns: disbudded

Bred to Fernando - due early-March 2022 - kids will be 75%LM/25%ND F1s.

Gonna Be Late

Buck Creeks MD Gonna Be Late

Experimental Miniature LaMancha

Registration/Generation: MDGA/TMGR F2
DOB: 03/01/2019
Percentage: 64.85% LM/35.15% ND
Horns: disbudded
Ears: gopher

Late absolutely knocked our socks off with her first freshening. She milked like a high-performing standard. We are so excited to see how she does this year. She is confirmed pregnant and due the first part of February 2022.

Miniature Lamancha Picture

Bellissimo (Bella)

Miniature LaMancha

Registration/Generation: Pending
DOB: 04/11/18
Horns: disbudded
Ears: gopher

Bella is my favorite goat. She's the perfect Miniature LaMancha. She produces great volume and has stunningly high butterfat milk. She's easy to milk and is an absolute delight. Her daughters have won awards, and we're so happy to have her. Kids are due February 2022.

Living in Xile

Buck Creeks MX Living in Xile (Mini Moo Moo)

Experimental Miniature LaMancha

Generation: TMGR/MDGA F2
DOB: 03/23/2019
Percentage: 63.28% LM/36.72% ND
Horns: disbudded
Ears: gopher

Mini Moo Moo came to us from Kentucky. She's small, but has an outsized personality. She loves treats and love and is the princess of the pasture. Moo is bred to Fernando for February 2022 kids.