This is the current breeding plan - we had a great crop of kids last year and expect 2022 will also be a fabulous year based on these matchups.

Contact to make a reservation. Kid reservations are $100 and will be honored in the order received. If we can't fulfill reservations we will refund your money or it can be applied to the following year. Kids will come disbudded and vaccinated unless a deposit is paid and you have specific requests otherwise.

Our kids range from $200 up to $500 and will vary based on what we get. We reserve the right to retain any kids, but will do our best to get you matched with an amazing goat.

Tabitha (SG, 5*M) Fernando Will be 75%/25% F1s - all kids will be sold. This is a repeat breeding from last year, and we were thrilled with the outcome (Alta) this is the premier breeding. Because Tabitha is such a high performing SG these kids will be ::chef's kiss:: TMGR and MDGA registrable F1s Due 3/05/2022 - first doeling reserved
Late (AR 2*M) Fernando These should be stunning goats. They will be TMGR and MDGA registered F2s who will be 57.4%LM. I would expect any does will be superior milkers and based on Late and Fernando's conformations they should also be great for show. Due 2/8/2022 - first buckling reserved
Bella (AR 1*M) Fernando All kids will be sold. I would expect these are the kids that will have nice lines and are also perfect for people who want to focus on flavor (butterfat). Does will be MDGA grade and TMGR F1s and Bucks TMGR F1s. Bella has thrown champions before, so I would expect nice show kids from her as well. Due 2/8/2022
Xile (Moo) (AR 1*M) Fernando These kids will be the perfect combo of milker and pet. Moo's kids last year were both stunners, and we expect they will be this year as too. They will be MDGA TMGR registerable F2s with 56.6% LM - so they'll be powerful milkers and expect a nice size. Due 02/9/2022
Alta Cinnamon One doeling might be retained - all others sold. This will be an amazing breeding. These kids will be F2s registrable both MDGA and TMGR with 67.22%LM. Due 04/14/2022
June Cinnamon All kids will be sold from this breeding. They should be very high quality F2s registrable both MDGA and TMGR with 67.22%LM Due 04/13/2022
Lucia Cinnamon Grand Champion Lucia will throw some amazing kids with Cinnamon. We can't wait to see them. They will be MDGA grade and TMGR F2s pending. They are also very likely to have gopher ears and could be polled. This will be a breeding to watch. Due 04/12/2022
Kiara Fernando This is a "maybe" breeding. She was only in with Fernando for one day. We're not sure if she's pregnant yet, but if she is, these will be amazing kids. 04/11/2022