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At Gilded Gate Farm, we're passionate about creating the perfect urban farm/homestead goat, here just north of Denver, in Colorado. For us, that's the Miniature LaMancha. Miniature LaManchas are a hybrid of the smaller Nigeran Dwarf, and the full-size dairy breed American LaMancha. My husband calls them the "Dairy Labradoodles" of goats.

Nigerian Dwarfs are great miniature dairy goats that are very popular right now. One of the great things about Nigerians is their milk tends to contain a high percentage of butterfat (it will be creamier and tastier than most other milk.)

American LaManchas are a beautiful and distinctive full-size dairy breed (they're my favorite) - known for their unflappable temperaments, hardiness, high and consistent milk volume, and their uniquely tiny ears - LaManchas are considered by many to be the best all-around dairy goat in North America. Of the dairy breeds, they also have a relatively high butterfat percentage in their milk, renowned for its sweet and velvety finish. Their milk tends to be less "goaty" and is ideal for drinking and offers cheesemakers a "blank canvas" from which to create both young and fresh cheeses as well as older and more complex varieties.

Having a full-size LaMancha dairy goat (and with goats, you need at least two) isn't always needed or realistic for backyard urban farmers and homesteaders. They take up a lot of space, they eat a lot, and many people don't need THAT much milk. Enter the Miniature LaMancha.

Miniature Lamanchas are a great way to combine the best attributes of both breeds into one small, powerful, dairy package. Miniature LaManchas will likely have an even higher milk butterfat percentage than their full-size dairy counterparts, but will also bring the higher volume, temperament, hardiness, dairy attributes, and (hopefully) tiny ears to the table. Miniature LaManchas also eat about the same amount as their Nigerian counterparts but tend to give a higher volume of milk, so their feed to milk conversion is usually better (at least that's what we've found here.)

Ever since we brought our first goats home, our lives have been so much richer. We started with goats to have our own family milk supply. Also, cheese. Always cheese. We didn't know they would become our family members - helping us to raise children with empathy and work ethic, acting as an integral part of our regenerative farm, and yes, giving us the best cheese and milk you could ever imagine.

At Gilded Gate, we annually test our animals. Results will be provided upon request.

In pursuit of great Miniature LaMachas, we have started first-generations. We have standard LaManchas, Nigerians, and Miniature LaManchas and are working toward a herd of the perfect Miniature LaManchas for backyard, urban farming, and homesteaders. We're are so excited about where our herd is headed and would love for you to connect with us!

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