Miniature Lamancha
Registered Name: Post Pollination Farms Bellissimo AR1*M
Registration: TMGR Native on Production - MDGA doelings registered grade
Date of Birth: 04/11/2018
Horns: Disbudded
Ears: Gopher
Udder/Milk: The best udder of all my miniatures. Best volume of the miniatures. Superior milk flavor.

Bella is my favorite goat. Everything about her is perfect. Her body is ideal in size and condition. She's the easiest milker. Bella is the ideal homestead/urban farm goat.

She earned her Advanced Registry star and is by far the highest butterfat producing girl we have here. She's a cream-maker.

She was my first Miniature LaMancha and is the reason that we fell in love with the breed and now have dedicated our farm toward producing them. Her calm but inquisitive demeanor, milk production, heartiness, and temperament make her the perfect goat.

In her 2021 milk test she was 295 days fresh, did 1067 pounds of milk, and a whopping 62 pounds of butterfat. Near the end of her season, she did 8.6% fat (which is crazy creamy). Over the course of her lactation she averaged almost 6% butterfat. She is the perfect combo of volume and fat.

I got her from the Post-Pollination Farm in Lakewood, Colorado.

When I bought her I didn't know much about registering miniature dairy goats and the process. We were lucky to have such a great example of the breed.

One of her daughters, Lucia, won Grand Champion at the Mile High Mini Milkers in 2021. Her daughters have been perfect examples of ideal Miniature LaManchas.

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