Miniature Lamancha
Registration: None yet
Date of Birth: 04/11/2018
Horns: Disbudded
Ears: Gopher
Udder/Milk: The best udder of all my miniatures. Best volume of the miniatures. Superior milk flavor.

Bella is my favorite goat. Everything about her is perfect. Her body is ideal in size and condition. She's the easiest milker of the miniatures. Bella is the ideal homestead/urban farm goat.

She was my first Miniature LaMancha and is the reason that we fell in love with the breed and now have dedicated our farm toward producing them. Her calm but inquisitive demeanor, milk production, heartiness, and temperament make her the perfect goat.

I got her from the Post-Pollination Farm in Lakewood, Colorado.

Bella has had large, healthy, single kids both times that she freshened. Her first, a doeling, is striking and all black. Her 2020 kid, a buckling was absolutely correct in every way.

Bella's only drawback is that she's unregistered. When I bought her I didn't know much about registering miniature dairy goats and the process. We were lucky to have such a great example of the breed.

I plan to milk test next year to have her registered as native on production with TMGR. Her doelings are eligible to be registered grade with MDGA as well.

If her kids are half the goat she is, they will also be the most ideal urban or homestead dairy goats. She's just perfect and her kids are great for anyone looking for the best homestead goats who aren't overly concerned with registration. She is of exceptional quality and we're thrilled with her.

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