Purebred Nigerian Dwarf
Registration: ADGA/MDGA
Registered name: IWN Remember Me To
Horns: Disbudded
Ears: Erect
Udder/Milk: Good teat size, though pointed a little forward, have actually found her easier to milk than most other NDs. A friend with a dairy said that she actually has ideal teats for a machine (although I have never used one on her.) Milk is AMAZING. She basically makes cream. Long, level lactation.

Foxy was one of our first goats and we lucked out. She has been a great milker for us and she's a total "Daddy's girl" and is my husband's goat. She has been bred to a Miniature LaMancha buck, Patches, twice without incident.

Her first kidding in 2019 she gave us a buckling who we wethered and who is a great pet. Her 2020 kidding she had quads and dam raised them all with no help, all of whom are happy and healthy. She was definitely ready to wean them by the time they hit ten weeks, though.

Foxy throws striking and correct kids, all of whom so far have had elf ears. Her kids will be great milkers and one even went to a goat yoga program. Her kids are great for a backyard homestead situation or pets. She gives plenty of milk for family and personal use.

She gives great volume and we're looking forward to her third freshening.

We have been so pleased with the Foxy/Patches pairing we're going to go for round 3 in 2021. She is due in February.