Miniature LaMancha doe face

Buck Creeks Gonna Be Late

Experimental Miniature Lamancha
Registration: TMGR/MDGA F2
Date of Birth: 04/11/2018
Horns: Disbudded
Ears: Gopher
Udder/Milk: Beautiful udder and nice milker. Huge volume and good butterfat. Nice symmetrical teats.

Late (Latte) came to us from Bucks Creek in Kentucky. She's so beautiful and calm. Not only is she our best Miniature LaMancha in terms of milk volume, she's also such a quiet and sweet girl, and a great herdmate.

Late really has it all. She's an absolute monster on the milkstand. She put up huge numbers her first freshening in 2021. In 252 days she did 1379 pounds of milk. She also did 56 pounds of fat, averaging over 4% butterfat. We expect big things from Late.

She's bred to Fernando for early-February 2022 kids.

Picture of a Mini Lamacha udder
mini lamancha goat udder
Miniature Lamancha side photo
mini lamancha with milk