Experimental Miniature LaMancha
Registration: MDGA/TMGR
Generation: F1
Percentage: 30% LM, 70% ND
Registered name: Gilded Gate Farms Molybdenum
Date of Birth: 04/24/2020
Horns: Polled
Ears: Elf

Moly is a great boy. Out of our 2020 crop of boys I retained two to breed back to our standards. I really like the smaller, higher percentage boys to breed back for F1s because with the elf ears and stature, they're perfect to create kids that have a little more standard than the straight 50/50 split. Bred to a standard they create a 65%LM/45%ND - which is a great ratio for kids.

I retained Moly because of his great proportions as well as the fact that his dam has amazing udder attachment and teat placement.