Patches other side

Experimental Miniature LaMancha
Registration: MDGA/TMGR
Generation: F2
Percentage: 60% LM, 40% ND
Registered name: Flaming Arrow Farms Patches
Date of Birth: 03/09/2017
Horns: Polled
Ears: Gopher
Kids: He throws consistently correct kids with a good doe/buck ratio and a high percentage polled.

Patches was our first and foundational buck. We really lucked out with him. He throws beautiful kids, many of whom are polled. He's such a sweet and gentle boy. We got him from Flaming Arrow Farm.

He's a really nice size, and we have used him with both our Miniature LaManchas and Nigerian Dwarfs. With the NDs he throws F1 Miniature LaManchas with a high percentage of Nigerian, great for bucklings to put over standards, as well as doelings who are ideal for backyard milkers.

Patches is available for driveway breeding as well as monthly lease to farms who conduct regular health testing. He's an experienced buck who gets the job done. Also, if you let him, he'll be your best friend.

Dam's Udder (courtesy of Flaming Arrow Farms)
Dam's Udder (courtesy of Flaming Arrow Farms)