Xile (Mini Moo Moo)

Side view of a miniature lamancha

Experimental Miniature Lamancha

Registration: TMGR/MDGA F2
Registered name: Buck Creeks XD Living in Xile
Date of Birth: 03/01/2019
Horns: Disbudded
Ears: Gopher
Udder/Milk: Great udder and good milk volume for her size. She has thick teats that are easy to hand milk and milks out quickly.

She did very well this year in terms of volume, she milked for 273 days and produced 1143 pounds. Moo also did 44 pounds of fat and managed to keep an average butterfat percentage of 3.85%.

Mini Moo Moo is our doll baby and she knows it. She is a nice milker for being one of our smaller does. Last year Moo had two fabulous kids and we retained both because they were so great. She's bred to Fernando for February 2022 kids. I expect her kids this year will also be high quality, although they will be up for sale.

Oh, and she loves naps. It's terrifying because sometimes I run out and think something's wrong and there's not, she just sleeps really hard.

Miniature Lamancha side shot
miniature lamancha udder
miniature lamancha laying down